About Patrick Pasqualle

 I am a 78- year old retired teacher and retired tour operator/ tourist guide. I am married and I live in Cape Town. I have three children and six grandchildren.

The street tarmac was my first “canvas” as a child growing up in District Six, Cape Town using any abrasive material we could find to draw. I continued to sketch as a shy teenager and, when I started working and could afford it, progressed toward acrylic and watercolour.

The city is not as captivating a subject to me as is nature, which continue to play an important part in my life. I am still an avid mountaineer and outdoor- pursuit person. The natural environment and its preservation continue to be an enduring interest and subject for sketching and painting, which, stylistically, trends toward naturalistic representation. I express myself in watercolour, acrylics, abrasive graphic media (pencil, charcoal and pastels), and mixed media.  

I’m essentially self- taught via library books and galleries. I am a qualified Art teacher (Diploma) and have obtained third year credits in History of Art and Fine Art 1(Visual Art 1) at the University of South Africa (UNISA),a correspondence university, while teaching at a township high school during embroiled in the political unrest period between 1976 and 1986. Although I have never exhibited my work and have sold a few pieces to kind friends, Art remains an abiding interest and activity, a life- long hobby.

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Emile & Cache Pasqualle

”Art speaks where words are unable to explain” When shopping for a meaningful canvas for our home, Patricks Art spoke to us. ”

Matthew Lavox

”Growing up as a creative Patrick Pasqualle was my first mentor. Teaching me to be one with myself and express my imagination through creativity. Patrick is a calm and composed gentleman, with captivating expressions of excitement when sharing his enriching art, stories, history, life, and teachings.”

Candice Williams

”When gifting a piece of art one may not always appreciate the art, pleasingly I was blessed with a flashback of my childhood memories when seeing the fynbos painting that Patrick painted.”


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